Whipped Coconut Oil Cellulite Cream – This stuff really works!

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Today’s topic is not a pretty one. Cellulite; it’s not something any of us enjoy talking about, or even want to admit to, but let’s face it, most of us have it.

My 3rd child is going to be two in just a few short months. First of all, I can’t believe my baby is turning 2! Second, I can’t believe I am still fighting the effects of having her! 
When I had my first two kids I was younger and my body had an easier time recovering and bouncing back to normal. But when I had number 3 I had already passed up the big 3-0 and two years later I am still trying to get back my pre-baby body. 
Recently I discovered a dirty little secret, which is about to no longer be a secret.
I discovered Young Living’s Lemon and Peppermint Oil. (Read the last two posts to find out more about each individual oil.) And with them I created…

I will start by saying this is NOT a miracle cream IF you are doing nothing else to improve your body and overall health. You cannot eat processed junk food, sit on the couch all day and get rid of your cellulite with this cream. 
But, if you are like me and you eat clean healthy foods, including lean, toxic-free meats, organic produce, and healthy fats, and you exercise on a daily basis (yes, I run, squat, lunge, you name it and I STILL have a problem area on my thighs), this will really help you with those stubborn areas that just seem impossible to fix. 
What you will need:
Young Living’s Lemon Essential Oil
Young Living’s Peppermint Essential Oil
Why Young Living’s Lemon Essential Oil?
Lemon Oil improves microcirculation and helps eliminate waste from cells. It’s a detoxifier. (Some believe cellulite is toxins stored in our fat cells. Gross, I know!) It is a powerful antioxidant and is invigorating and uplifting. 
Why Young Living’s Peppermint Essential Oil?
Peppermint Oil is an anti-inflamatory, energy booster, digestive aid and also helps heal skin conditions including itchy skin, varicose veins, and eczema. It also helps curb appetite (just a little plus:)
The cream is SO simple to make.
In a glass bowl combine 1 cup of coconut oil with about 15 drops of Young Living Lemon Essential Oil and about 5 drops of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil. (Never use plastic to mix or store your essential oils).
Mix well using a metal whisk until it has a “whipped” appearance. 
And done! Simple, right? 
I have been using this for just 3 days and I can already tell a difference! The skin on my thighs is smoother and softer! My husband just got back from a business trip and I hadn’t told him about this cream (who wants to talk about their cellulite?!). Well, this morning he walked up behind me and said “I think you are getting smaller right here” and he was pointing to my thighs! 
Another way I know it’s working? I am constantly going pee (I know another fun thing to talk about). But all my quick trips to the potty are letting me know that my cream is pulling waste out of my cells and getting them out of my body! What a great feeling! 
I will say, since this cellulite cream is made of pure oils you will want to let it soak into your skin before getting dressed. (It is an amazing moisturizer too!) I have been applying mine in the morning and after showers. You may not want to apply at bedtime because of the bathroom trips and energy it gives. 
Other uses for this cream:
Varicose veins (aids in circulation)
Foot fungus (antifungal)
Calluses (skin softening) 
To order Young Living Oils visit
When you click on the link, select wholesale or retail at the top of the page and set up your account. Retail members will pay 24% more than wholesale, so please take a moment to read about how to become a wholesale member. It’s so easy! 
One of the things I love most about Young Living is EVERYONE can be a wholesale member! All you do is purchase the premium starter kit and you will be a wholesale member for life! There’s NO FEES, NO MONTHLY MINIMUMS AND NO OBLIGATION TO SELL! 
If you are interested in getting started with essential oils I highly recommend the starter kit. It gives you 11 of the most used oils (The Everyday Oils Kit) AND a home diffuser! It is literally the BEST way to get to know the oils and see how much you’ll love them. 
When you set up your wholesale account, the premium starter kit is the first kit listed in step 2. When you get to step 3, select “no thanks,” then continue the set up. Step 3 is to set up an autoship. It’s an awesome program, but you’ll want to wait until you know your oils and it’s time to order again. 
If you have questions I would love to help you! Just email me.

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