Training For a Race? Get Motivated and Heal Those Sore Muscles!

Training for a race is hard work, whether you’re training for your first 5k or you’re 3rd marathon, it’s hard. The first thing to overcome is motivation and energy. Then, once you gain those you end up with sore, tired muscles. Ugh! But at least you get your “runner’s high” and sense of accomplishment! 
Now, if only it were easier, right? Easier to get motivated, easier to feel energized and then easier to relieve those tired sore muscles. 
My running history is definitely not for the history books. I’ve run countless 5k races and one 5 mile race. Right now I am signed up for my first 10k and currently training for it with plans to do a half marathon next year. But, I can tell you all of this has been a HUGE accomplishment for me. I didn’t start running until I was in college and even then I only ran 1-2 miles, which was really far for me! I was the kid at school who couldn’t run a mile without walking while my classmate were running 7 min miles. Let’s just say, I’m not a natural born runner and running is NOT easy for me, but somehow I enjoy it. 
Maybe it’s the stress relief running gives, maybe it’s the time to myself, or maybe it’s simply the sense of accomplishment, but whatever the reason is, I enjoy running and will continue to run. 
Even though I enjoy running, it can be really hard to get motivated and energized. I’m a mother of 3 young children. Every morning I wake up to all 3 of them bursting with energy, only to find myself sluggish and tired. I stand in the kitchen making all of my hungry bees breakfast, while they buzz around me, before I can even make coffee. 
Young Living Essential Oils has helped to change that for me. Now, the first thing I do is put Peppermint and Lemon essential oils in my home diffuser and breathe their essence. They help awaken the mind and body. Peppermint gives energy and focus, while Lemon is revitalizing and uplifting. What better way to start my day?

Young Living also has a blend put together just for motivation, it’s called Motivation, surprise! 
It helps surmount fear and procrastination while stimulating feelings of action and accomplishment. It enhances the ability to move forward in a positive direction. You can diffuse motivation, or apply it topically to your ears, chest, big toe, or neck. 
Ever wonder how aromatherapy works? Here’s a little info: 
Ok, so we’ve taken care of gaining motivation and energy. Now what about after the run? After the big hills you ran during training, or the after running farther than you’ve ever run? Now you have sore muscles, achy knees and hips, now what? 
You guessed it, more Young Living Essential Oils. Deep Relief Roll on is a blend of oils that comes so conveniently packaged in a bottle with a roller ball, so you can carry in your purse (or in my case, diaper bag) and roll it on anywhere. Another oil that has been WONDERFUL for my achy legs and hips is Panaway. It’s also a blend of oils to help relieve pain and soreness while promoting healing. I simply dilute a few drops with a few drops of Jojoba oil and rub on my sore muscles. Within minutes I feel better! 
Young Living also has a line of massage oils, one of which is PERFECT for relieving those achy muscles. The Ortho Sport Massage Oil is designed with a mixture of essential oils that warm and ease tired, stressed and sore muscles. Doesn’t that sound amazing? 
After using Young Living Essential Oils to gain motivation and energy, then relieve my tired muscles, I am able to run more often, farther and harder! 
Who wants more motivation? Who needs more energy? Who wants to train harder and run farther? 
Who’s ready to try Young Living Essential Oils? You’ll never regret it! 
Not ready to dive in all the way? Its simple to get started, get to know the oils and see how they work with a starter kit
Out of the above mentioned oils, Peppermint, Lemon and Panaway are all included in a starter kit, so you’ll get a good sense of how they can work for you and your training. 
To get started using Young Living Essential Oils go here. Sign up as a wholesale member (everything is 24% cheaper than retail) and order your premium starter kit
Got questions? Leave them in the comments below or email me personally.

One thought on “Training For a Race? Get Motivated and Heal Those Sore Muscles!

  1. Tristan Dorsey says:

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