What Does a Holistic Nutritionist Eat?

A printable Clean Eating Plant-based Shopping List

Nearly everyday I get asked, “So what do you and your family eat?” I don’t mind the question at all. I kind of look at it like asking a doctor who his doctor is. We want the inside information, right? And as a holistic nutritionist we must eat perfectly, right? Ha! I wouldn’t say we eat perfectly by any means, we are human after all, but we do make an effort to eat healthy, nourishing (and disease fighting) foods.

So, here it is…a list of some of the most common foods eaten in our house. But, before you read over it, I’d like to point out a few things.

1.) We eat a MOSTLY plant-based diet. We are not vegans. Our diet consists of about 85-90% whole plant foods.

2.) Our family chooses to eat eggs we buy at a farm down the road from us. We used to have our own backyard chickens, but after we lost them we found a local farm we like to source farm fresh eggs.

3.) I did not include meat on this list, but if you choose to eat meat you want to be sure it’s naturally and humanely raised with no antibiotics and fed a vegetarian, non-gmo diet.

4.) And lastly, only some of my family is gluten free, but we all avoid modern wheat like the plague. We stick to ancient grains like spelt and Einkorn. We’ve even been known to buy the whole grains, sprout them and grind our own sprouted flour. You’ll notice the list having some gluten free options and some not.

So, here it is, after many requests from both friends and clients, your printable shopping list!

Click on the link below for your own printable version.

Clean Eating Plant Based Grocery List


Clean Eating Plant Based Grocery List

It might take a little bit of time to research where to buy some products in your area. Unfortunately it takes time and effort to be healthy these days.

If you are local to the St. Louis area and you’re feeling overwhelmed you can schedule a one-on-one or group guided shopping trip!

I find many of these items at Costco, Fresh Thyme, Trader Joes and Whole Foods.





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