My Story

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Sutterer, wife, mom of 3, runner, certified holistic nutritionist and natural health advocate. I was not always interested in nutrition and natural health. In my younger years I ate for convenience, like most Americans do. For many of us it’s all we know.

In 2004 things changed. In April of that year my body decided to go hay wire. I went from young and vibrant to sluggish and fatigued, eventually leading to full body aches and an overall feeling of YUCK! I was waking nightly with hives and swelling. I visited doctor after doctor who told me my condition was idiopathic, which is a fancy word that means no one knows what is causing the symptoms. I was told I would never find a cause for my symptoms. I was told I would have to take medicine for the rest of my life (and deal with the unwanted side effects). And after 5 years of this I was told my condition was autoimmune.

Being stubborn, like I am, I didn’t want to accept this answer. I didn’t believe my body was attacking itself for no reason. The main thing that stuck in my head was that something had to be causing my body to act this way and I was determined to find out what. So, I spent years researching. There was no doctor who was taking the time to help me figure out the cause of my symptoms; I was on my own.

Over the course of many years and lots of research and many lifestyle changes I have freed myself of these symptoms and freed myself from medication! Not only are my symptoms gone, I feel the best I’ve felt in years! I have the energy to be with my 3 young kids, to do all the outdoor activities I love to do and to run again!

I am so excited to have helped myself get better naturally, I decided I want to help others do the same. That’s why I decided to become certified as a holistic nutritionist. The biggest factor playing a role in our health is what we put in our bodies. You know the saying, “You are what you eat.” It’s true! Today’s food labels, dietary guidelines, trendy diets, and articles flooding social media can be confusing. I will clear things up for you. And together with your help we will come up with a personalized eating plan, that is made for YOU!

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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