Essential Oils

I know what you’re thinking…I thought this was all about nutrition. Well, a huge part of our health, like a HUGE part, is determined by the foods we eat, but what a lot of people don’t know is the products we put on our skin and breathe into our lungs end up in our blood stream, just like the foods we eat. Actually, the products on our skin and in our lungs enter our blood stream faster than the foods we eat because they get to skip the digestion phase.

One of the first and most important steps to reaching your optimum level of health is to rid your body of harmful toxins. When we are exposed to synthetic chemicals our body must deal with them, trying to figure out what they are and what to do with them. Often, because the toxins are not recognized by our body, the chemicals are pushed aside and stored in our cells, usually our fat cells. All of this takes time and energy; time and energy that could be used to heal our bodies and keep them operating at it’s full potential.

Essential oils not only help you to get rid of harmful chemicals, they can give your body the much needed antioxidants to heal. Giving your body antioxidants creates and unfriendly environment for free radicals, aka disease.

When you sign up for nutritional counseling with me, we will go much more in-depth about detoxing your home and body. We’ll go into the why and how and will create a plan customized to your health needs.

If you’ve already started your program and you’re ready to get your own essential oils you can use the link below.

If you have not started your program and would like more information about using essential oils you may contact me via email.