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You may be wondering, “What exactly does a holistic nutritionist do and how can seeing one help me?” Continue reading to learn exactly what will happen when you schedule your appointment with me.

Your first two visits are the longest visits you’ll have. They can take up to 90 minutes, to ensure we cover all the details necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Your comprehensive nutritional exam includes:

Visit 1:

A food allergy test, which tests 300 food items and 300 non-food items for intolerance. Food intolerance symptoms include: headache, fatigue, eczema, brain fog, GI distress (diarrhea, stomach cramps, constipation, bloating), lethargy and more.

We’ll test 80 nutrient levels to check for deficiencies.

You’ll receive an Itovi scan. An Itovi scanner uses bioimpedance to see what supplements your body is craving. This will give us an inside look into what your body is lacking and give us our first stepping stone in the right direction.

During your first visit we will go over your health history, your current lifestyle habits, your current diet, your current ailments, and we’ll discuss your health goals.

You’ll leave your first visit with a few easy assignments to get you started on your journey to feeling your best while we wait for your test results.

Visit 2:

Your second visit can also take up to 90 minutes. We want to make sure we have enough time to cover everything.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report with all of your test results.

We will discuss all of your report and you’ll be given the tools and education necessary to fix any problem areas revealed by your test.

During this visit you’ll receive a personalized nutrition prescription and a lifestyle prescription, which can include exercise, stress reduction and more.

Together we will discuss your goals and how you can achieve them. You’ll be given the tools to overcome obstacles and improve your willpower.

Once you’ve received your 2 part comprehensive exam you’ll need to schedule your follow up visits. These visits are about 30 minutes and can be done via phone, video conferencing or in person. The frequency of your follow up visits will be determined during your 2nd visit.

All Services offered:

Comprehensive nutritional exam (most popular and most recommended) click here for details.

One on one nutritional counseling to help you overcome obstacles, lack of will power, and emotional eating. (included in follow up visits after the comprehensive exam)

Pantry clean out and label reading lesson.

Guided grocery store shopping trip.

Healthy cooking lessons.

One-on-one or group class on living chemical free.

One-on-one or group essential oils 101 class.

If you have further questions or to schedule your two part comprehensive exam you can call 636-748-2262 or you can head over here and fill out the form.